ABM recently acquired a full set of geological, geochemistry and geophysics reports, data and maps covering twenty-two (22) prospective provinces in Morocco. 

Typical data sets include 1/100 000 and 1/ 50 000 geological maps, multi-element analysis of regular mesh rock or stream-sediment campaigns as well as the results of airborne geophysics campaigns.

All data, maps and reports are prepared by qualified consultants from BRPM, USGS, the British Geological survey, China Géo-Engineering Corporation or the Council for Geoscience (South Africa).

Mr Belkabir comments: “As part of its development strategy, ABM supports mining companies to acquire reliable information and assess the geological potential of selected areas using best-available data, maps and reports”.

For more details, get in touch : contact@abminingconsultants.com

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