On 28 September 2020, ABM contributed to the organisation of the 4th Arab-Africa-Mining conference through the organisation of a panel discussion on Morocco’s long-term investment strategy for the mining sector.

Among the speakers :

  • Graham Clarke, Chief Executive Officer of Emerson Plc – the company is focused on the development of a large-scale potash project in Morocco.
  • Jed Richardson, Chief Executive Officer of Trigon Metals – the company recently acquired prospective copper/silver permits in Morocco,
  • J Francois Lalonde, Director at Stellar AfricaGold – the company recently acquired Tichka Est Gold project in Morocco,
  • Mustapha Chaib, Director of Exploration at ONHYM,
  • Abdelaali Lefdaoui, Director of Mines at Ministry of Mines and Energy in Morocco,

Yassine Belkabir, acted as moderator of the panel for this session of the Arab African Mining conference 2020, discussing Morocco’s long-term investment strategy for the mining sector.

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