ABM provides consultancy services to mining companies, mining investors and government agencies in Africa. ABM has offices in Casablanca and Marrakech (Morocco).

Yassine Belkabir is the founder and managing director of the African Bureau of Mining Consultants (ABM). Along with a team of experienced professionals, he leads the development strategy of ABM to position the company as a gateway for mining investors and companies in Africa.

Yassine is an alumni of Imperial College London, a Chartered Engineer (#657776), a Professional Member of IOM3 (#483271), and an experienced professional in business development and M&A, specialized in mining and energy projects.



ABM promotes the deployment of upgraded mining standards and practices in Africa, through the qualification of consultants and the establishment of international partnerships.

ABM generates value for clients through in-depth reviews of mineral resource assets and the application of innovative techniques in exploration, extraction and processing.

ABM is a reliable, independent and ethical partner for the mining sector.